Saturday, March 27, 2021

Douglas Fir Staining

I put the last coat of stain on the plywood pieces this morning. 

Then, this afternoon, Jeff and I spent a couple hours finalizing the right side shelf design and measured and cut out the rest of the douglas fir. It didn't make much of a dent in our douglas fir stash out in the garage.

Tomorrow morning I'll put on the second coat of stain. It is possible we could start installing them as early as tomorrow afternoon, though we may want to wait until Monday morning to make sure they're totally dry.


  1. The cabinets are beautiful. Thanks for posting. Can you tell me what grade of Fir plywood you are using. I want to make some bookcases.

    1. The fir plywood is actually A1 grade that we bought about 8 years ago for a different project that we abandoned. But the wall cabinets are made from prefinished birch plywood that we just bought from CrossCut Hardwoods and it's pretty nice too.