Friday, January 9, 2009

Great Time in Corvallis

We've had a really good time in Corvallis. We really like the town. It's small enough to feel like a small town, but big enough to have most of the stores "in town" that you might need. Jeff got quite adept at navigating the downtown grid.

Yesterday, after getting the car fixed and driving around town for quite a while, we actually went and looked at two houses for sale. Sharon just couldn't help it--they were too cool to miss....

We spent today walking around the downtown area, checking out the local shops. I don't know why, but we bought quite a few books. You'd think with our current plan, that buying books would be out of the question, but I guess old habits are hard to break. =) We love buying books.

We've gone to a number of local restaurants, they were all quite good and affordable, another good thing about college towns--cheap food!

We've had nice weather here, and we've been having a good time. Tomorrow we'll be heading down to Eugene, for AnTir's 12th Night. We're looking forward to visiting with old friends.


  1. What did they decide was broken? Hopefully nothing to difficult or expensive. :)

  2. Of course it will be expensive! We actually have to replace the whole front bumper unit including the body panels. Probably lots of money, but we got it fixed enough to use it without problems, for now.