Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quilt Tops Done, Done, Done

This morning I finally finished the border on the third quilt for my nephews and niece. Yah! So, now I am going to take those three quilts, plus my dragon lap quilt, up to Portland with me to have them machine quilted. Hopefully the machine quilter won't be so busy that he can't get to them fairly quickly, because if he is, they'll just end up staying up there until I can make it back in a few weeks.

I am going to try and finish loading the trailer today. It's pretty hard to make sure all of our SCA gear is packed and in the trailer because, really, we have it everywhere throughout the house. I was hoping to get off early tomorrow, but Jeff threw out his back and hasn't been able to help me with the loading and we've been busy with social visits. So, if we don't manage to get the trailer loaded tonight after work, then I won't go until Friday.

I plan on doing some fifth wheel shopping while I am in Oregon. Today, I am also trying to pull my list together of RVs I want to go look at. It's going to take some organizing, because I have piles of craigslist ads all over the place. I'll probably spend several days driving around looking at new and used RVs. If I don't find one up there on this trip, we'll go ahead and buy the one I like here (assuming it's still available) and have it shipped up to Oregon.

I am grateful for our friends up in Oregon who are kindly housing me/us during visits, storing our considerable amount of stuff during the trip and allowing us to borrow their address during our adventure--Thanks!

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