Saturday, January 17, 2009

Progress on Stained Glass

I woke up all motivated to tackle our Heraldic stained glass project—I don't want to move it in pieces. I've gotten stalled on my rabbit, because the turtle isn't done. We need the glass to be more stable, before I can cut detailed pieces that surround the rabbit, so I have thrown my energy into helping Jeff with the turtle and into starting the coppering process. We made some good progress this morning and we'll work on it again in a couple of hours to see if we can get another row of diamonds done.

The little white dots on the edges of the glass is solder to lock the pieces together in place. Jeff will do a more complete solder job when we're closer to being done. At this point, you just solder lightly to keep the pieces from shifting, but you might need to move something so you solder sparingly.

We FAXed over our rejection of the seller's addendum this morning so this ends an interesting chapter in our lives, at least for now. We've offered that if they want to reconsider our offer in the next few weeks, they can let our realtor know.

Here is the progress we made on our stained glass panel today:

We're watching the 5-hour version of Pride & Prejudice tonight. We started it this afternoon while we were taking a break to rest our feet.


  1. Wonderful work on the stained glass. I should unwrap the Viking ship I did several years ago and take a picture. I also need to add something to hang it with...and somewhere to hang it. I don't trust suction cups, but maybe one of those Command hooks--the removable kind.

  2. I think we are going to solder on some rings to hang it (by chains from hooks I suppose.)