Monday, January 26, 2009

Finishing up the last Quilt

Well, I have decided making four quilts in less than two months is too many! I like quilting, but I'm seriously tired of piecing these borders. But, I'm planning to go up to Portland, Oregon later in the week and I'd like to bring these quilt tops with me to get them quilted. I finally dragged myself into my sewing room this afternoon, and managed to finish up two of the edges on the blue quilt. I'm planning to finish the other two edges tomorrow.

An SCA friend dropped by tonight to borrow some SCA-related reference books while we're on the trip. She is borrowing six large file boxes of books. I'm still surprised I'm letting them go, but it's not like I'll be using them. =)

I'm not looking forward to driving the trailer to Oregon, but it needs to happen before our trip and I'm the only one with time and no job. I'm not very confident driving such a long load, but hopefully it will be good practice for our fifth wheel. I hope I never have to back up, because I really cannot do that. I'll only be stopping at pull-through truck stops along the way.

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