Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fractal Quilt Almost Done

Yesterday, Jeff and I went to a friend's Birthday BBQ and luckily Shasta got to go too! She was a really good dog and clearly likes children. She played all day with the four kids who showed up at the party. And then we had a very sleepy puppy last night, which is always good.

Then last night when we got home, sometime after 8PM, I decided to start Jeff's fractal quilt. I reasoned that if I had any problems with his cutting directions, he would be around to ask. Well, this is where I am now. This went together quite easily and the batiks are a dream to work with. It's been a really fun project. I was so excited about my progress that I had to come make this post. I still need to add the green border and make a backing, but this one is just about done. Only another hour or so to finish, until after it's quilted.
In his directions, Jeff broke the quilt down into quite a few smaller units, which made it much easier to assemble.

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