Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not Buying Mom's House

Well, after some fairly careful calculations, Jeff and I have decided we're not going to be able to buy my Mom's house. If we were to buy it, we'd likely use up most of our savings buying the house and then remodeling it. And we'd be obligated to support my mother as long as she's living with us (which might be a VERY long time) and that will likely add up to several hundred dollars a month. While covering these expenses is probably a reasonable expectation for my mother to have, Jeff working at Apple long-term isn't part of our plan. And once I finish school I'm hoping to get a job as a paralegal and they don't make enough to support our household expenses as well as my mother's. Oh well. It's a really good opportunity, but we're just going to have to pass.

We finally went to Costco this morning and tried to buy that TV. We wrote a check and they said they had to call the bank to verify the funds. And then they came back just a couple minutes later and said they wouldn't take it. I was shocked! We're running very high balances in that checking account so I suspect they were just too lazy to work through the stupid telephone messaging system at the Credit Union and decided it was better to be safe than sorry. I've called the bank and there isn't a problem on their end. It's Costco's loss, because the total for the transaction was more than $1,800 plus they've probably lost me as a customer.

Update at 4:30PM:

So, it turns out you can buy TVs and Blu-Ray players at the website and the price includes shipping and they accept Mastercard and Visa as payment. (But they don't take the credit cards in the stores--how stupid is that?) Since we're sort of in a bind because we need a TV smaller than 38" wide and they happen to have a 40" TV that comes 37.25" wide (the smallest we've found), I just went ahead and ordered from their website. I'm still very annoyed with them... =)

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  1. Sound reasoning, and one less thing to tie up your funds and keep you from leaving California when you want or need to.
    Hugs, K