Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sewing Pleated Drapes

I spent a good part of today sewing triple pleated drapes for my brother's bedroom. James and his wife bought this fabric something like ten years ago and it was still sitting in the bag. They offered the fabric to me, to get rid of it, but instead I offered to make them the curtains.

The drapes are two panels that slide apart and I'm almost finished with one of the panels. I've finished all of the machine sewing and am now working on hand reinforcing the pleats in place. My hands are pretty tired from the hand sewing because I'm trying to sew through 18 layers of fabric along the top edge. I've made good use of thimbles and pliers today. I've almost finished the machine sewing on the second panel as well. I just need to add the pleating tape.

The hand sewing on the pleats is very compatible with movie watching, which is a good thing. Today we watched the four part series called Empires: The Medici, Godfathers of the Renaissance and it was really enjoyable. (It makes me a little sorry Jeff and I gave up our Italian Renaissance personas in SCA.)

Our movie binge continues. We pretty much watched movies all day yesterday (that's why we tried to get some work done today). =) My favorite movies yesterday were Music and Lyrics and Wall-E. I don't plan to list all the movies, but rest assured, we're spending a lot of time catching up on movies we've missed since 2005. We're liking the Netflix Instant Download, though it's hard to have the computer hooked to the TV for the duration of the movie. I think we're going to have to spring for the digital video player that Netflix recommends for watching off the internet.

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  1. We have one of those Netflix boxes and it's great! I'll have to check out the Renaissance movie and Wives and Daughters. I'm a bit behind on some of my movies, too. :) Happy birthday Shasta! Those dog toys are too cute to chew on!