Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back in Portland, OR

I am feeling much better this morning, after getting a chance to catch up on some sleep. We spent our first night in the new house last night and it was nice to wake up in our own bed. Here is our new bed, as always with Shasta in the photo. (She loves getting her picture taken!)

We had a very long day yesterday! We actually left California on Thursday evening at around 5:15PM. We stayed with my stepmother's parents in Redding, CA for the night. And while the traffic was absolutely horrendous getting out of the bay area at commute time, it was a huge relief to get 250 miles out of the way.

Yesterday morning Jeff woke up at 4:30AM and we decided to go ahead and slip out before our hosts woke up. (I hope that wasn't too rude; I left a note thanking them. I need to send them a thank you card.) Anyway, we got to Oregon a few minutes after 7AM!! Woo hoo!

I had one expedition I wanted to do yesterday morning, in Grants Pass; I wanted to visit the Bentwood Furniture Outlet Center while we were driving through town. Unfortunately, they didn't open until 9AM and we got to Grants Pass at 8:20! So, we went out and had a leisurely breakfast at a local cafe and took a bit of time to walk the dog, and we arrived at the outlet center a few minutes after 9.

Anyway, we wandered around their showroom and found some really beautiful pieces. I learned they have the best sales in mid-November when they conclude their season of road shows and they sell all those display pieces! I also learned they hold road shows at Costco and I got upcoming dates through the rest of the season. I'm definitely going to have to check out one of those shows! While I didn't buy any actual furniture pieces yesterday, I did buy a stain touch up pen to touch up these furniture pieces we've been buying used. And I've now got my eye on a set of tables for the living room and a curio for my dragon collection!

We finally arrived in Portland at around 3:00PM. We hired one of our basement repair guys to help us unload the furniture, so all the furniture is already in the house. He also helped us switch out the mattress from the mattress showroom, so we could actually sleep on the good mattress last night (we had a loaner mattress from the store).

Unfortunately, while I was running water to clean a sponge I was using to wipe down the dining room table, I discovered water pouring out of the sink cabinet! OMG, the drain pipe had broken into two pieces. Ugh. I had a huge mess and had to go dig through our luggage to find towels. Now, many of our towels are soggy and I don't have laundry machines yet. I'm going to have to go hunt down a place to do a load of towels. (I'll probably go visit Wendy and Ross and pick up stuff we've had shipped to their house.)

Also, as we set up our bed, we discovered we had forgotten to load the slats! Luckily, the bed rails have a ridge down their length, so we went off to Home Depot and bought cheap pine 1x4s and had them cut them to length. We'll use them until we bring our next load.

Since starting this post, our basement contractor sent over his fix-it guy and he is repairing our broken kitchen sink. So, by this evening all should be well.

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