Sunday, June 6, 2010

Furniture Retrieved

Thanks to my hubby Jeff and my brother Jeff, the furniture has been retrieved from San Francisco. It's all wrapped up and deposited in the garage ready for the trip to Oregon.

Thanks to the hour and a half wait at UHaul this afternoon to pick up the trailer, this little errand turned into a long day. Poor Jeff missed his nap; we'll have to get him to bed earlier tonight.

This morning I sold our amish cherry china cabinet that we'll no longer need. It's a little sad to sell it, because I really like it, but the new house has a built-in china cabinet in the dining room and a serious lack of available wall space. I was thinking about moving it and displaying dragons in it, but I'm not sure where I would put it.

I am feeling pleased with myself over the price, however; I bought it three years ago for $950 (I got a really good deal in the crashing economy) and I just sold it this morning for $1000! Rent-free use. =) Since we had the UHaul trailer today, we offered to deliver it for an extra $20. They asked if they could pick it up next week and I'm eager to get the space in the kitchen back, so we said we'd bring it over.

I've spent a couple hours packing books today and we still don't have them all packed. Despite our recent purgings, we still have a lot of books. I left one bookshelf filled with books that we'd likely want to look at over the next two months, i.e. books about gardening or bungalows.

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