Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

It's hard to believe it's already Sunday afternoon! This weekend has literally flown by! I barely remember what happened to Saturday; I seem to have managed to shop most of the day away. It all started when I ran across a rug at the website that was the same pattern as one I've been watching on much-higher-cost Craftsman furnishing websites, like and Jax Rugs.

I've been admiring this pattern called Donegal/Fintona, for a while. I've just found that this pattern is documented to 1905-1910 and is on display at the Stickley Museum. Our new house was built in 1912, so this pattern is quite appropriate for our living areas. Here is the pattern from the Persian Carpet website. I'd love to buy this rug, but it's $3,780 for a 9x12 and I need two in that size plus a couple smaller ones.

Yesterday, I happened across a rug in the same pattern at the website. And while I'd be the first to admit that the colors are not nearly as nice, the price tag is awesome, ringing in at $533 for a 9x12!

Spending the last couple of days here with the dog and bare hardwood floors has convinced me we need to get rugs down on these floors as soon as possible! There are already a couple of obvious scratches from Shasta playing in the house, so I just went and ordered 3 large rugs and a number of smaller rugs for the doorways and hallways. I hope the colors are OK. Though, if they aren't, we'll still live with them! =)

Jeff flies back to California tomorrow morning early. =(
During the rest of the week I am trying to schedule a couple of estimates from contractors for work later in the summer and also visiting DEQ with the two vehicles we have here in preparation for getting them registered up in Oregon. I'm also trying to get some more of the myriad other tasks that are important, like calling around for quotes for insurance, buying paint, etc.

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