Friday, June 25, 2010

All Fixed Now... least we hope. I had a quickie outpatient procedure done at Kaiser this morning to have permanent birth control installed. I hope it works. It takes at least three months before we'll figure it out. I decided to do this because of our upcoming medical coverage situation. I'm hoping we'll be able to find a job with full benefits, but we wanted to be prepared if we could not, especially since paying full price for birth control is not a feature.

I've had a pretty productive week. I've managed to catch up with the piles of paperwork we had slowly accumulating throughout the house. I've gotten Quicken updated, for the most part. And I sifted, sorted and filed all the paperwork into the filing cabinet and file boxes in preparation for packing. We actually managed to unbury some of the flat surfaces throughout the house.

I'm having a hard time focusing on my Job Finding Skills class. I'm pretty distracted with moving and finding a job isn't what I want to be worried about right now. Oh well, I'll muddle on through for the remaining four weeks. Luckily, I've already got a fairly current resume and can use it as a starting point. Hopefully, the teacher will be able to offer some good advice for how I might improve it for future opportunities.

The craigslist ads aren't going real well, though I'm not surprised. It's pretty hard to sell furniture in this market, plus there's already so much listed. I'm going to start lowering prices every time I re-list them. I'm pretty sure we'll just go ahead and donate what's left at the end.

Our second POD arrives on Monday, and we're trying to prep the library bedroom for the final pack. We'll probably also spend as much energy as we can spare packing up the garage, as I suspect it's only going to get hotter out there as the summer goes on. I've been trying to organize in my mind the ordering of packing the furniture that we're moving. It's much more complicated moving in PODS like this; you need to decide what you need first and what you need last.

Our bird, Mia, has relocated over to my mother's house until after Jeff and I move. I think we'll actually be bringing Mia up to Oregon later this fall. Probably in September when I come back down for my Kaiser follow-up exam for today's procedure.

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  1. I'd be interested in the furniture if I had a place to put it! :) Hope your recovery is going well and that it's a success. Hugs!