Monday, April 18, 2011

Paint Stripping Contractor

We've been quite satisfied so far with the paint stripper we hired. His name is Jimmy Cookman (503-493-9187) and he works with Pasqualle's (recommended by Bungalowcious). Because we know folks will ask, we are paying him around $9,000 for bringing these large rooms to a stain-ready state. Plus, we are paying out-of-pocket for dipping doors and easily-removed windows, which will probably be another $2000.

So far they've been working for two weeks to do the entryway and the front portion of the living room. Jimmy has lost a crew member, so we think they're moving rather slower than he was originally hoping. Today they got started on the living room ceiling.


  1. I'd recommend wiping down the already sanded areas with a wet cloth. It will bring out any swirl marks or areas that require more sanding to be smooth enough to stain. It's really hard to see if you don't wash off the sawdust. Stained in swirl marks that you didn't notice until after the stain was on was not fun to resand out. Especially since Pasqualles will resand any areas you point out before they leave. :) We waited too late in some areas.

  2. Looks like you're making some serious progress! Hope you all feel better soon. Hugs!