Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still Waiting

When we ordered our new living room furniture in late-October, we were told it would take 30 days. Sharon presumed 30 days + shipping time. Well, it's been nearly eight weeks and they haven't even contacted us to let us know the pieces are shipping. They must have gotten lots of orders for the holidays. Though there really isn't a lot of reason we need the furniture sooner, Sharon is starting to get a bit impatient.

We did receive the bird cage, but before we even got the box all the way opened, we could see that they made us the wrong one! They made us the designer bird cage and we ordered the square-topped classic cage. So, back it went the next day. We have the base cabinet in place to the left of the fireplace and now we're having to wait another couple of weeks for the correct cage. Sigh.

We had unusually good light today so Sharon took the opportunity to get photos of the living room with the newly-hung linen curtains!
Sharon embroidered the wisteria pattern on the curtain behind the chair but not the one behind the bird cage. Sharon's not sure whether she'll take the time to embroider the curtain behind the bird cage because this curtain may get damaged. If the bird gets the opportunity, she pulls in the fabric between the bars of her cage and chews holes into it — she did it at one of the houses we rented in Cupertino.We'll have to see how close it hangs to the cage once all the furniture is in place.

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