Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of Fall Approaches

The City does its leaf cleanup this week, so Jeff has been hard at work hauling our neighbor's leaves into his now-huge leaf pile in the backyard. Hopefully, this phase of fall is finally over.
We didn't get a permanent covered chicken coop enclosure built this year. So, instead we're trying something a little more temporary. We saw this deeply discounted gazebo at Home Depot at the end of the season and we're hoping the roof will at least last this season.
Today, we got back to work out in the front yard. Jeff finally removed that arborvitae bush stump. We intended to remove it while digging the new path, but we simply forgot. Our plan is to plant a vine fruit (maybe grape or kiwi) in that spot next year.
Today is also "Operation: Clear the Driveway." We've had gravel and sand in our parking space for a couple weeks now. We're working on moving those piles further up the driveway. The sand has been moved under the cover, because working with wet sand doesn't really work. The rest of the gravels are moving up closer to the garage.
We're slowly trying to clean up the rest of the detritus left around the yard and on the porch in anticipation of a long winter. With any luck, we'll have another couple days of decent (not raining) weather and we can finish sloping the berms in the front yard and get the last few native plants in the ground.

P.S. Mission Accomplished! Parking space cleared.

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