Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another lucky score!

When Sharon's stepmother was here, they went cruising around to a number of thrift stores—for kicks! It's often fun to see what you can find. Well, Sharon made a lucky score! A tapestry cushion for $5!!
Sharon tried today to exactly date the design. It sounds like it may have been designed by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones who worked with William Morris. But, in any case, it was certainly designed by a designer at William Morris & Co. in the late-1800s. It is half of this tapestry design.
Sharon's been poking around for cushions like this for a while, but most of them are over $50 for just the unfinished panel. Though, now she may have to consider buying the mate.

It seems our decor is going to continue to go more in the direction of William Morris rather than Gustav Stickley. =)

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  1. Once again, I've fallen a few days behind on my reading, but things are really coming together--the quilt, the basement bathroom, the stained glass station...awesome! Now I need to get away from the computer so I can go tidy up downstairs in preparation for company.