Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Linen Cabinet Doors

I'm excited to finally be able to show pictures of this week's project. My brother Jeffrey has experience with woodworking and was able to help my husband Jeff get our new tools properly set up and get to work on our newest project: new inset linen cabinet doors.
Upstairs linen cabinet
Bathtub access door in master bedroom
We built these doors because while paint stripping we found evidence the linen cabinet originally had inset doors. There was an outline of butterfly hinges in the paint as well as evidence inside the cabinet where hardware had once been installed. So, we thought we would go ahead and just replace the doors now rather than strip the later-period painted doors. We don't know what the original doors looked like, so we just duplicated the rail and stile doors in the dining room built-in.

Right now, the doors are just taped together and sitting in the openings for the trial fit. They still need to be glued—and stained and shellacked, of course.

I'm glad to be able to finally finish this woodwork in the upstairs hallway.
Thank you Jeffrey


  1. Those are lovely! We need to re-face all the drawers in our kitchen and linen closet. I've been afraid to tackle the job. Your's look so nice, though, perhaps I should try to do mine. I can't wait to see what your's look like once stained.

  2. Hi Shasha, FrogTape lady here. My name is Debbie, I just don't know how to put my name at the top of my comment, so I click on "Anonymous".:-) I'm not very good with computers.

    I'm so impressed that you & your husband know how to do so many things with renovating houses, and you do them like pros! Your linen cabinate looks great! Very charming. I stopped by your "before & after" section and was amazed at all the work you've done! The part about how to strip the trim looked really hard & time consuming. How long did it take you?

    I love Historic Preservation & plan on getting involved in my community when my kids are in college. But I want to do the REAL Preservation work, like stipping paint, hammering nails, ect., etc. You've inspired me with all the work you've done on your house & how you've kept it true to it's original structure.

    Congratulations on a job well done!:-)

  3. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks so much for all the nice comments. Just for the record, so we give credit where it is due, we did not do the work on the main floor. We hired a very capable (and expensive) contractor who restored the main floor. Though, we were *very active* in the researching, planning and shopping for the project.

    We've done the work on the upstairs bedrooms. We learned the paint stripping by watching the professionals and by trial and error. We're pretty comfortable with the paint stripping now.

    We definitely are beginners in the area of woodworking. Since we don't know what we're doing, we get help when we can from others who are capable.

    Thanks for dropping by. Are you local? If you are, we could have you over to see the house in person.


    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for inviting me over to see your house! Unfortunately I'm in Ohio. I've heard that Oregon is really beautiful, and would love to see it someday.

      You sound like a smart renovator. Knowing when it's time to hire out the pros. :-) I've fixed plumbing, electrical, ripped up carpet, painted, etc. On my house (it's only 35 years old), but I know when I need a professional. It saves a lot of heartache if you have someone who knows what they are doing! :-)

      I look forward to seeing your next project!

  4. Beautiful! We need to do this as well, but it's so intimidating! Nice work and congrat's!!