Friday, August 10, 2012

Decision Challenged

Because I'm clearly decision challenged...
...I just keep stamping out more color combinations. (I even tried a different stencil once.) Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. It's probably easy for you guys, but I wasn't programmed with a decorator gene. I usually just find a picture I like and copy it.

But, in 1912, most pictures were black and white. The only color pictures I've found were from paint catalogs, and obviously it was in their interest to get people to paint the woodwork. So, I'm just trying to put together something that looks good from period colors.

I think I'll leave these hanging next week while my brother is visiting and I'll choose after he goes. That will give us an opportunity to see them in different light conditions over the week and will perhaps make the decision easier.


  1. This is fun! The lower terra cotta flower really brings together the walls and the wood trim. I also like the richness of the second from the left in the lower row.

  2. I like the third in the second set, simply because having the flower an orangey-red tone matches with the woodwork nicely.

  3. I also like the 3rd in the 2nd set. I think it does a good job tying all the existing decorative colors and elements into a cohesive whole. It feels intentional and connected with the room.

  4. Ooo! I change my vote to the bottom picture, 2nd from the left. I really like how that looks with the paint and trim colors. :)

  5. I can see why you are having trouble making a decision...I'm leaning toward the dark blue (top second from left).

  6. I hope you've come to a decision by now (they're all great, but I'd go with one of the terra colored). It will look wonderful when finished I'm sure.

    I've stenciled designs like this before and they're a lot of fun to work with.