Sunday, June 21, 2015

Staining Has Begun!

The other day when I said I was gonna fill the holes in the woodwork...well, I didn't do it. I couldn't find the wood filler and I was too lazy to go buy more. But then yesterday, Jeff gave me a hard time about it, so off I went to the store. Jeff filled holes while I removed and stained the windows.

Then this morning I stained the second coat of stain on the windows and stashed them in the bathroom, out of the way. And then we had to sand the woodwork again to remove the excess wood filler. After a break to let the dust settle, we vacuumed and wiped down the woodwork. Then we set to work staining.

Ugh, we still hate Mohawk Wiping Wood Stain. This is our third can of it, and it's just awful; so runny and messy. Yup, Jeff forgot about how runny it was and spilled some on the wall. Oh well, we are planning to paint again anyway.
Not sure why all the pictures are turning out blurry now.

I'm pretty sure we spent more than 8 hours working today and I'm so tired. I'm just not used to this much physical labor. I'm pretty sure we'll both sleep well tonight, which is a good thing, because tomorrow we need to hop out of bed and do the second coat.

We are racing to stay ahead of the weather with this project as the forecast calls for 100ºF weather by the end of the week. Blech. Once it gets that hot, there's not much chance I'll be leaving the gaming lair in the basement. :D

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