Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shellacking Started

I didn't finish shellacking the sewing room today. I was moving pretty slow and I took frequent long breaks. LOL

I finished two coats of shellac in the closet. I really don't like how dark it turned out, but I messed up when I stained it. I was using the dregs of an old can of stain and I added some "fresh" stain and it clearly dredged up some of the pigment that had settled to the bottom of the can and it turned out to be much darker than normal. And I should have used a lot more fresh rags to wipe up the excess stain. Oh well. Luckily, it's just the closet.
I also finished shellacking the doorway into the room as well as one of the window frames. This will likely take me a few more days at this rate.

Now that the windows are back up and we can close them, the outside temperature is less of an issue. We have air conditioning and it is on. :D

I've left messages with the electrician and floor refinisher. I'm hoping they'll get back to me soon. I'd love to get this room completed and get moved back in by the end of summer. And it would be nice to get the guest room back too.

It's almost time to go dig through the paint in the garage and see what color options we have. I'm predicting hubbard squash. I'm pretty sure we have several gallons leftover.

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