Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First Pass Finished

Yesterday, we took most of the day off this project and enjoyed The Hobbit trilogy, but we were back to work today. We still have to strip the closet, but we finished the first pass with the heat gun on all of the woodwork inside of the bedroom. Once I am finished with the closet, I'll go ahead and mask the floors and start in on the chemicals.
We removed the door so we could remove the paint around and behind the hinges. We're going to rehang it because of the sanding process. We have enough dust problems without adding to it.
For folks who are just joining us for this process for the first time, the heat gun stripping is the fast part. We are maybe 20% done (probably less) in terms of hours needed for bringing the wood to a stain ready state. Cleaning up moulding details with chemical strippers, dental tools and sanders is a slow, tedious process.

Update seven hours later: Closet is done too!
That painted block of wood on the wall will have to be replaced because it is not douglas fir.

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