Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bathroom Progress

Barrett finally came out last Friday and finished grouting the bathroom tile. I should have taken photos, but I didn't have my camera with me. I think there are a couple more tiles I'd like to have him adjust, but for the most part, he's done. FINALLY. It has been a long haul on this project.
This week Jeff and Eric installed the lights on either side of the medicine cabinet, the brackets for the shelves in the medicine cabinet and they hung the door.
They installed brackets in the medicine cabinet to install shelves
The door is installed!

Jeff decided he wanted glass shelves in the medicine cabinet, so I did a bunch of research for where to get them. Fortunately, the most affordable option is only across the river in Vancouver, WA; we were able to order from their website, One Day Glass. I guess we shall see how their quality is, but I got all three tempered shelves for around $80. There were some websites where it was more than $80 for each shelf. I'll post an update after we pick them up.

This afternoon, Culver Glass came out and measured for our shower enclosure. We decided to go with the Glue Chip glass because, frankly, it is the most affordable option that was also available in the early 1900s. I wanted Narrow Reed, but it's not available in the thicker glass anymore.

We still have a bunch of hardware to install, but I think I'll paint the bathroom again first.

We're also waiting on the plumber to come out and install our shower hardware. I've given up on the electrician as he hasn't answered messages in months. I guess since the wires are already there, we'll do our best to install the switches ourselves.


  1. That's looking great! After all the hassles and delays, I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more when it's finished.

  2. Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with it and it's nice to see movement on this project again.