Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Awesome Day...

...for a nice change.

The POD was emptied by 3:30PM this afternoon! Of course, most of the stuff in this first POD was stuff from our storage room in Redwood City, so we simply transferred the racks and tubs to the storage area in the basement and spread the boxes to unpack throughout the storage areas in the house.

Just as we finished unloading the POD, the Sears delivery guys showed up to deliver our new appliances. I finagled their help getting Jeff's chicken tractor over the fence and into the backyard. It cost us a couple of Henry Weinhard's root beers. =) They also delivered and hooked up our new washer and dryer and our freezer. Of course, we now have this large empty freezer; time to go find good food stock-up opportunities.

We unpacked a lot of books today, though probably not even half of our total collection. We only moved two bookcases in this load, so we still have a mound of unopened boxes. The next POD has quite a lot of bookcases in it, so we'll probably be set in just over a week when the next POD is delivered.

Shasta is fortunate that one of our closest commercial neighbors is a doggy daycare place—No Bonz About It. We bought her 10 days of doggy daycare visits for during the move; we used one of them today.

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