Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moved into the Basement

The repair of the basement foundation has been completed and we have now started moving furniture down there. Here is how it looked when we arrived on Friday evening. We had them paint the floors a dark green and the basement walls a light peach. Unfortunately, they only painted the cement. The portion above still needs to be painted to match and we're not going to take the time to do that right now. It will wait until we get higher priority projects finished.

This framed out portion is in the front of the basement (our basement has two "sections"). This is where all the pest damage was and it has all been repaired now. We had them build this wall framing so we could finish the front corner for use as a root cellar.

It's getting pretty crowded in the basement already with all the furniture and boxes.

I bought another couch to go down in the basement, but we can't get it down the stairs. Oh well, we'll use it in the living room for now.

Long term, our plan is to set up a media room and a small bedroom down there, so we've just sort of set up the furniture without any walls for now. When we get around to remodelling, we'll add walls and no doubt move the walls and doors around. We've set up the temporary summer bedroom down there mostly to get away from the heat and sun of the upstairs master bedroom. It's going to be a while before we get air conditioning installed.

We arrived to find our rugs waiting for us. I'm really not loving the gold, but they'll have to do; at least until I find a job. I still think it's cool that I found a period pattern rug at!

Jeff bought a chicken tractor yesterday, but we neglected to measure and it won't fit in through the gate. So now we need to find a couple of burly guys to help herk it over the fence for us.

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