Monday, July 19, 2010

Unpacking Kitchen

One of our top priorities this week is to get back eating decent food; we've been eating way too much take-out and I've been gaining weight again. So, this morning, we made moving into the kitchen a priority. We went through and washed out all of the kitchen cabinets and started the process of running all the dishes through the dishwasher.

I think we've decided to go ahead and move in when our household possessions arrive. We've been debating about whether we leave some areas of the house vacant, so we can start working on them, but I think we're going to instead focus on the overall house plan first. The entire house plan itself could take very many months. Once we have a plan, we can figure out where to start and then move back out of those areas.

When we arrived on Friday, we found a number of overdue utility bills. Oops—autopay wasn't set up on these bills yet. I narrowly averted the phone from being disconnected on Saturday and this morning I took care of the rest of the utilities. I hope we're all current now. =)

Last night, I ordered a new pocket digital camera. Our current Canon digital camera is dying; it smells like smoke whenever we take flash photos. I've realized having a camera is almost a necessity, so I ordered a little Canon PowerShot 3500 from Costco. I ordered it in PINK! =)

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