Thursday, July 8, 2010

Couch Potato Today

Jeff and I were both pretty tired today, and we didn't get any packing done. We mostly caught up on our sleep and hung out watching good movies. We needed a reprieve from the packing grind. And I had some school work I needed to get done as well.

I am planning to make a shower curtain and small curtains for the upstairs bathroom windows in our new house. I had planned to work on these last couple of sewing projects today, but when I calculated out the cuts of the fabric, I measured and realized I didn't have enough of the fabric I bought last year. Darnit. It's because I bought the fabric for a standard tub in this house and the house at Multnomah needs a 108" shower curtain. I just don't have enough to piece it together. Oh well.

Before I left Portland a couple of weeks ago, I received some of the rugs I ordered for the house. Here is the rug I got for the master bathroom. I'd like to make a shower curtain that goes well with the existing flooring and the rug, as we don't plan to remodel that room anytime soon.

So, while I was watching movies this afternoon, I cruised around on the internet looking for a fabric that would work out better than what I had.
I'm thinking about buying this one, but it doesn't have quite enough either.But it is a really good match on the style and colors, so I may get it anyway and add some solid borders. Or maybe I'll just wait until we get Portland and go shopping at Fabric Depot where I can drag the rug along with me.

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