Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Weekend

On Saturdays, I have two paralegal classes, from 10AM to 4PM, with no break between them. And with PCC's new American Bar Association-certification, they really aren't letting students out of class early. Jeff also has his Organic Gardening class from 9AM to 4PM, so we're both busy all day. (Poor Shasta.)

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff's high school friend, Erik Hendrickson, arrived in town. He is visiting down from Seattle this weekend. Jeff and Erik seem to be planning to play games and cook all weekend. I'm looking forward to the truffles they're currently working on. Pictures will surely follow.

Yesterday evening, while Erik and Jeff were catching up, I spent the whole evening dealing with outstanding paperwork. I packaged up the taxes to go out on Monday. I filled out our voter registrations. I took care of some address changes. I wrote a couple of letters on matters I really needed to take care of. (I keep getting delinquency notices from California for our vehicles despite the fact we registered them up in Oregon—I'm trying to get those cleared up.)

Today, I spent all day doing school work. I'm guessing spending most of my free time on school work is going to get pretty old. So far, it's taking me two or three hours for every hour I'm in class, so it's looking like it's going to be somewhere between 36 and 48 hours a week to keep up. It's definitely going to reduce my hobby time. Getting a job might just end up being a welcome relief; less work, more income. =)

I cannot believe it's Sunday evening and I have class already tomorrow morning. Luckily the homework is done. This week I'm caught up. Next will be another matter, because I still have to drive down to California.

My current plan is to head down to California a week from tomorrow, right after class. Then I'll have to drive back to Oregon on Friday, because I cannot miss the 2 classes on Saturday. I really need to try and get ahead this week, since I'm going to lose 5 days of study time. Sigh.

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  1. A whirlwind week, for sure! The pear butter sounds fabulous! If I thought I would actually eat it on a regular basis, I might try to make the recipe. Maybe I can trade you something for a small jar to taste it. :)