Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Peaches!

We bought 34 pounds of peaches earlier in the week and today the fruit was finally ripe enough to can. We put up four pie fillings, one batch of jam, and a large batch of peach slices in jars. We should have finished them all, but we actually only managed to finish one full box and part of the other. Tomorrow morning we'll have to finish up canning the rest of the fruit before it spoils.

I have been poring over so many home repair and bungalow books lately that my brain has gotten quite tired of focusing on the house. I actually picked up a "brain candy" book today I brought from my grandmother's house and read it. It was sort of an odd love story, but it was fairly entertaining and a quick read and now it will move along on its way (out of our house).

Jeff got a new toy in the mail today! (I thought I had ordered green, but it came and it's sort of a turquoise color. Oh well.)

I'm still trying to plot my plan for curtains and shower curtain in our upstairs master bathroom. I think I figured out what I want to do and have started sketching it and drawing out pattern pieces. Pictures may follow tomorrow, if I have a chance to get started.

Though, we may have to spend the afternoon painting. We still have a bit of fence to paint and it's possible it won't be raining, so that probably needs to be a priority. Sigh. (I'd rather sew!)

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