Thursday, September 30, 2010

California Trip Cancelled

Good News! I don't have to drive down to California to pick up my new prosthetic. UPS delivered it today!

I was planning to visit next week, but when I called for an appointment, the prosthetist told me he'd be out of town. Then I told him the next time I could visit would likely be the end of October. So, he basically gave up and shipped it to me! Yeah!

Though, unfortunately, now we need to figure out how to go get the bird child. Maybe Thanksgiving week because most of my classes have been cancelled that week. =)

This morning, I realized I had so much homework, I needed a way to keep track of it, so I made myself a spreadsheet. I went through all my syllabi and entered all the reading and homework assignments I could find. It was more than a page-long; 65 lines to be exact. And this doesn't even include homework that has yet to be assigned. I am keeping busy these days!

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