Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Stripped — Paint

When we first arrived in Oregon, we bought a used Silent Paint Stripper from a Portland blogger named Dawn. She has a really amazing craftsman that she's already stripped the paint and she sold us her now unneeded paint stripper.

Then, a couple weeks ago, we bought some painted douglas fir cabinet doors salvaged from a kitchen remodel from a nice lady on craigslist. Today, we finally found the motivation to try out our electronic paint stripper.
The process is pretty simple, but it really only works well on the flat portions.

We stripped all the flat portions that we could get to and now we're trying a chemical stripper to get the profile we can't get to.

Dawn also gave us some Soy-Gel and we're giving that a try. We've applied the stripper and we're letting it work while Jeff enjoys a short nap this afternoon. (Stay tuned for the results of the stripping experiment.)

Results, a few hours later:
Paint is still in the small profile grooves. We don't have a scraper small enough to fit that curve and the wire brush seemed to be tearing up the wood. Overall, I'm pleased with our first try. Now we just need to track down some better tools for our next effort.

Maybe for our next effort, we'll pull out one of the doors from my sewing room and do a real project. =)

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