Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Classes Begin

Jeff went off this morning to start an Organic Gardening class. He signed up for the Multnomah County Extension Service Organic Gardening Certificate. This class runs every Saturday from 9-4 through November 13.

It's actually a little odd having him gone. We've hardly been separated since early July and the house is very quiet. Though, soon I'll also be too busy to notice.

On Monday morning, Jeff and I both start a week-long Finishing course through the NW Woodworking Studio. The class was very spendy but we're hoping it will pay itself back when we have the skills to finish our own woodwork after the paint is stripped off.

The following Monday, we both start classes at Portland Community College. I am taking 4 paralegal classes, Jeff is taking 3 landscaping classes.

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