Monday, September 20, 2010

Finishing class: Glossing over the last day

The last day of our finishing class was an opportunity to see the results of our prep work pay off (or our foibles and inattentions amplified as the case may be).

With out of town guests on the way, Sharon decided to leave it to me (Jeff) to wrap things up which is why I am stunt-blogging here today.

The final steps involved

  • Sanding with either 400- then 600-grit and then a pad of 0000 steel wool, or for the hand rubbed finishes just skipping to the steel wool.
  • Wiping the finish down with a clean cotton cloth to remove the grit from sanding.
  • If desiring a high-gloss finish, buff with a rubbing compound — lots of elbow grease required!
  • Apply a quick light coat of wax (place a daub in a cotton cloth and fold up into a pad for an even coat)
  • Once the wax has set up after a couple minutes, buff with a cloth — more elbow grease

  • Overall, it was a good way to get some exercise and it was remarkable how much it helped to make the pieces look fantastic. It also became clear anywhere you skimped on the prep work.

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