Saturday, May 12, 2012

Side Two Nearly Finished

It is perhaps silly to give daily reports on our labors, but when we've spent a number of hours on a project it's hard not to. It's also fun for us to see the progress from day-to-day. (Would you guys prefer we hold posts until the projects are done?)

Sharon had planned to finish stripping the second guest room door today, but she managed to get a puncture wound on the tip of her thumb this afternoon, which prematurely discouraged her efforts. Even so, door two is nearly finished. It just needs a bit of sanding of the contours to get the last bits of paint off.

Jeff managed to get most of the plants from last weekend's plant sale in the ground today.

There's just a few plants left and he's trying to decide where to plant them. If they go in the backyard, the chickens will likely destroy them. So, we either need to pen the chickens, or find a place in the front yard.


  1. I wish I had your level of resources when I was doing repairs and remodels to our house on Valencia St. Paint stripping, window repair, drywall installation...

  2. I like the frequent updates. I'm stripping doors right now, too, so I find your posts motivating!

  3. I love the frequent updates too! I should follow your lead and write more...