Friday, May 11, 2012

More Paint Stripping

Normally when Sharon strips paint on doors, she does each "step" (heat gun then chemical then sand) on both sides of the door before she moves on. Today she decided to finish one side, including the detail sanding, and then flip the door. So, she finished side one of door #2 from the guest bedroom.

Then she flipped the door and continued to strip the paint on side 2 with the heat gun.

While Sharon worked on the door, Jeff got to work on preparing the bed in the front yard to plant the vegetable starts from last weekend's plant sale. It's been too cold this week to plant them outside, but the weather has at long last seemed to turn warm. And the forecast for the next week is good, so he's going to go for it and get them in the ground.

He blogged about the process at his blog, and he has the terraced planting berm all ready for the plants to go in tomorrow.

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