Friday, April 29, 2016

Misc. Projects

I have no idea what to call this post. I spent about 3 hours last week updating Wunderlist again and getting my To Do list caught up. So that sent me and Jeff on a flurry of exciting activities, like cleaning the furnace filters and Vent-a-Hood fans. Super exciting, non-photogenic stuff. Though, I supposed I could have shown you how gross the screens in our air handler had become after too long between cleanings. LOL

I've made a lot of progress selling the huge piles of tile. We have almost a manageable amount of boxes now. And once we are really, truly done with our bathroom, I will donate or liquidate what's left. We've also sold some big, bulky SCA gear. Our basement is looking much emptier, though still an unphotogenic mess.

I've actually managed to raise most of the money I spent on rugs last month, so I'm feeling less guilty for making those purchases. Though my new living room rug still sits unopened in the package. I bought a rug pad for it, but I want to repair the chewed woodwork and paint the wall before I move in a larger rug.

I finished sewing my quilt bindings. And now that I'm looking back thru the blog, I see it took me more than 3 years to finish these bindings. That's really embarrassing. I haven't taken pictures of the completed quilts, but you can see the posts about when I made them here and here. I built them so quickly at the time, but then they just sat there unfinished for way too long. :(

And, I finally gave cutting a stencil a try. I was able to plug my Mac into the Copam cutter and they talked to eachother!! Though, it's hard to show a picture of etched plastic, this is what I was able to cut.
The dragon etched onto 7mil mylar
The original 1910s dragon tile
The cutter didn't cut through the 7 mil mylar but this time I have faith I can eventually get it to work; I just need to figure out the right settings, the right blade, and the right thickness of mylar. I am excited I finally made significant progress on this stencil project. Solving the problems, however, will wait until later this summer.


  1. Do you plan to save some some extra tile that can be used for repairs later, if you ever need to? As you surely know, finding new tile to march existing is next to impossible. I've saved a small amount of each type of tile I've used in our house, in the event I ever have to replace a cracked one, patch an area I have to demo to reach plumbing or electrical, etc.

    I probably go a little overboard with my "spare parts" inventory, but the cost and space to have them are minimal compared to trying to find more if I ever needed i in the future. I save extra wood trim and hardware too, and I have been glad to have that stash when I've made later alterations, etc. The tile only takes up a little shelf space in the basement, and I built some overhead racks on the ceiling where I keep spare millwork.

    1. Yes, I will keep at least a boxful of leftover 3x6s. Right now I'm mostly selling the other sizes and the unused trim tiles we ended up with. We had A LOT of unneeded tile.