Tuesday, March 3, 2020


The beautiful spring weather keeps drawing me outside. I am really enjoying the yard this year.
Ribes sanguineum/Flowering red currant has exploded into flowers.
This is a native shrub we planted back in 2011 when we installed the rain garden.
Iris Lazica in the parking strip
Purple Sensation Hyacinth in the parking strip
Purple Crocus planted back in 2017. I'm pretty sure these were from Brecks.
We have several clumps of yellow trumpet daffodils. I believe we planted these more than 5 years ago.
I'm hoping to mark where the clumps are and dig them this fall and spread out the bulbs.
And I almost forgot the Camilla bush next to the driveway. Jeff pruned it way back last year because it was so dense it was shading most of the sun above the rain garden which was killing the bleeding hearts. He was worried he pruned it too much, but it looks happy.
Sadly, the Camilla bush we planted in the backyard looks like it died. I think one of the dogs had a close encounter with it. I'm planning to try rooting some cuttings from this bush to get an inexpensive replacement.