Friday, March 13, 2020

More Plant Additions

We have a bed in the backyard next to the patio where we just put in plants without any color scheme or plan. It's looking quite nice this time of year.
I'm really enjoying spring.

The parking strip is waking up. The fern in the foreground is an Adiantum x tracyi.
It's an evergreen maidenhair fern. I really enjoyed it over the winter.
I hope we can find some more this year.
I believe this is a tassel fern. I got my planting map a little messed up, so I'm not 100% sure.
Jeff asked for a vine to plant on the ugly utility pole the city installed in the planting bed so we went out to Joy Creek Nursery to find one. We chose the Clematis jackmanii 'Superba' because the flowers are purple and the plant itself looked really healthy, but I was pleased to learn later that this plant was originally introduced in 1880, so it is period to the house.
One of our neighbors, donaleen, who met me through the blog a few years ago, gave us several plants from her amazing garden. She also gave us a beautiful mature hellebore from her parking strip. We ran it home and got it in the ground right away. It is one of the varieties which makes seeds so hopefully we'll get more of them. Thank you donaleen!!
donaleen also gave us some hellebore seedlings and some pulmonaria,
which we planted in the newly dug bed at the front.
I bought a couple of Black Diamond hellebores
(Helleborus x hybridus 'Black Diamond') from Xera.
Our friend Storm gave us a bunch of tiny fern starts from her yard
and they all got put in under the black walnut too.
Many of the plants are still small, but I think it will look quite nice once the hostas reemerge and once the little plants have time to grow. There is no sign of life in the Paw Paw trees yet.


  1. It all looks good. Spring is such an exciting time of year - an anxious one too waiting to get past the last frost date, though with all the climate change who knows how accurate those are now.