Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assembling Master Bedroom Shades

I have turned my attention to trying to get the master bedroom shades assembled and hung before Sunday. One thing I have learned is that rubberized black-out lining is not so fun to work with. =) It's taken me 3 to 4 hours and I've just managed to get one of the shades lined and to the point where we can sew on the rings and attach to the header. And every time you pin it, you put little holes in the fabric where light can shine through; the more pins you use to stabilize the layers, the more holes!

Luckily though, they're going to work to block out sun, mostly. These windows are tough, though, because they have a little wood border that limits the width of the shade.

There is some sun peeking out around the edges when I taped it onto the face of the window, but I think there will be less leakage of light once it's installed into the window frame.

At this pace, it may be tough to have all 5 shades done and installed by Sunday. I guess we'll see. I can probably mostly get all 3 of the master bedroom shades lined during the day today. And hopefully Jeff will be able to help me cut the wood for the header and install all the hardware bits on or before Saturday.

It will be really nice to have this project done. Then I can turn my attention back to unpacking.

Update at 4PM:

Woohoo! I just finished lining all three of the master bedroom shades! I did the second two assembly-line style and they went much faster. I still need to sew rings onto all three of them, but I need to do some research about how far they can be spaced apart. My book says 5" to 8", but I want to put them 10" apart so that they show the same piece of design when they are drawn. I don't know if that's too far apart and if they'll have problems spaced that far.

Also, I need to start figuring out what I need to complete the sewing room shades. I need to calculate how much border I need to add in order to make the panels fit the windows properly.

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  1. Wow!! Maybe I should try to make some shades for the girls' rooms. I don't know about using plastic-lined blackout fabric--maybe just a liner of black Kona cotton would do the trick. I'll have to think about it for a time. I have a few other projects waiting in the wings now.