Monday, June 22, 2009

Sewing Room Shades, 2nd Try

After spending the weekend ripping the earlier pieced Roman shade panels, I spent today reassembling them with a slightly different border configuration. I just didn't like the overall look, by the time I added the tiny side borders. Now the edge borders will be almost the same size as the borders within the panel. I think it will look better. Now I just need to add wider borders at the top and bottom and then they're ready to line and finish. Hopefully I'll finish the sewing tomorrow.

Tonight, my Dad dropped by and helped us fix a couple house issues. And we rehung the kitchen blinds, which should help with the mid-day heat. Jeff crawled up and picked some plums to share.

And another cute picture of Shasta, because it's hard for me to resist.


  1. Mmmmm....plums! But wait--no lemons? Kelly's friend in San Jose has a lemon tree in her back yard and can have fresh-squeezed lemonade anytime! I'd love that. No chance of getting one of those suckers to grow in Seattle.

  2. Whoops...let me try that under my TRUE identity! I was working on Dad's blog earlier. :) Karen

  3. Dear Jeff & Sharon: I am sure all the work will be great!