Friday, June 5, 2009

Still Dumping Old Food

I'm again working on cleaning out old jars of food from the garage cabinets. I'm on my third dishwasher load of jars. Most of the jars of food just sort of smell alcoholic but still look okay, but a few are a special kind of gross. So far, the oldest canning jars are dated 1970.

I haven't sold any of the furniture on craigslist this week; I probably need to lower the prices a bit. I haven't yet listed the office furniture because I still need to take pictures, but the pieces are blocked by other furniture that's going to storage. We have far too many projects that are dependent on something else happening first.

We desperately need to hang window shades in the master bedroom. I'd like to make roman shades, but I'll need my sewing room set up to do that. And then I have to deal with the disaster that is my sewing room. The movers didn't even get the furniture put together right and then they piled all the boxes in there. I think we'll try and tackle that mess this weekend, at least enough to set up the sewing machine and clear the cutting table. I can probably mostly work around the boxes if we pull some of them out of there.

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