Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

We had a lovely, quiet day today. We didn't have a lot of things planned and we just got to enjoy the day.

We started out the day planning to go out for breakfast, but when we got to the restaurant, it was so packed we just decided to pass on that plan. So, instead we went to Whole Foods and bought some breakfast fixings and Jeff make us a lovely breakfast. Yum.

The weather was perfect today. We just left the windows open and enjoyed it. We went for a walk today and Sharon got some adorable pictures of Shasta while we were waiting for Jeff in the hardware store.

Jeff got to take a nap today while Sharon worked on un-sewing her Roman shades for the sewing room. She decided to change the width of the borders, afterall. So, there was a temporary setback on that project, but she'll get them put together this week.

We spent a while this evening playing with our puppy in the front yard. We really need someone to come film her, but we did the best we could:

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