Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making Progress on Shades

I'm continuing to work on the Roman shades for the master bedroom. I spent yesterday cutting all the pieces out and building all the little square units for the blocks so today I was actually able to make pretty good progress. My overall pattern looks like this. The squares running down the middle are the individual 10 inch blocks. I got one panel mostly done today, but I still need to add green border on the side edges and at the bottom.

Today, I also went and did some errands. I went and bought replacement screws for my sewing table. The movers broke a couple of them putting the furniture together wrong. I also tried to buy a piece of plywood to hang my serger racks, but apparently most hardware stores don't cut wood anymore. And I couldn't buy a full piece because I was driving the car. I'll have to find wood another day.

I also went to a Home Dec Fabric Store, Norman S. Bernie Co., in San Mateo that was holding a liquidation sale. They're cleaning house and have some pretty good deals on fabric. If I was still in the market for SCA fabric, today could have been a very expensive day. =) Anyway, I got a few samples as I'm thinking about making triple pleated drapes for the living room. I should have taken photos in the daylight, but here are the current forerunners.

I initially thought I would go with the striped fabric because it was more plain, but when I got the patterned fabric home, I found its colors matched the rug in the living room quite well.

Tonight was Shasta's last night in the Beginning Obedience Class. We went ahead and signed her up for the Advanced Beginning Class which begins next week. We'll have to continue to commute to Downtown San Jose for the class. We had been planning to start classes in San Mateo, but apparently that group lost their class site and haven't found one yet, so they've suspended classes while they try to locate a place to hold them.


  1. Wow! Those shades are going to look so nice when you're done!
    ps - why does this comment box *always* fail to publish the first time?

  2. My wife and I have 4 Italian Greyhounds.. and 1 bad cat.. we are also quilters, the Roman Blinds look great..