Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Productive Day

Well, I guess there is nothing to motivate like a deadline! Since I start school in 4 weeks, my motivation to actually make progress on our unpacking has definitely improved. I actually managed to finally empty out the closet in my sewing room and move my fabric in! I even managed to get the bookcase moved to the other wall where we wanted to place it a couple of days ago. There is still a fair amount of old stuff to sift through, but at least now I've gotten it moved out of the closet.

I did quite a job on the plumbing yesterday. I guess the plumbing in these old houses isn't up to 200 quarts or so of spoiled canning waste. I actually ended up having to call out a plumber who spent over an hour snaking the main line. I guess this was a good learning experience for me. =) We now have nearly 300 jars to try and find another home for. I've got the ad on craigslist and hopefully they'll go soon.

I'm planning to continue working on my sewing room today. I hope to get it pretty well cleaned up and most everything put away that has a place.

This evening we have our dog obedience class again. This will be the next to last class session down in Downtown San Jose. Soon we'll be able to move to a closer group.

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  1. Tried to post earlier, but my computer crashed. I love the heraldic fabric and the coordinates you chose to go with it! Can't wait to see what you make of it. I am also impressed with your destructive relationship with plumbing. Well done! :P
    Say hello to Jeff and "woof" to Shasta!