Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Furniture Shuffling

Last Tuesday Jeff and I bought a used file cabinet from someone advertising on craigslist. This morning, finally, we brought it into the house. We put it in the little bedroom, but we had to first unload and move a bookcase. And then, to conserve floor space, we partially disassembled the birdcage and set the top on the file cabinet. Unfortunately, it's not the most attractive arrangement, but it will work for now.

We needed to find a place to stow the bookcase, and it ended up in my sewing room. It will, unfortunately, in this location be blocked by my sewing table. We really want to put it in the other open piece of the wall, but the problem with that plan is obvious...

I REALLY need to get the closet emptied of my grandmother's old stuff so I can move my fabric into it. Sigh. Too many of our projects are dependent on something else happening first.

Actually, most of the day we spent at a Katydid's Square Dance Club BBQ. We used to belong to the Katydid's a long time ago (1984) and my Dad and Stepmother and Aunt, all dance with the group. We should be dancing with them... =) It was warm and Jeff decided to get comfortable for a quick rest.

My Dad and his wife, Maxine, came by tonight and helped us work on cleaning out the garage. My Dad moved his car out of the garage for a few days so we could get to the metal cabinets along the wall to clean them out. Yeah. That's the project for tomorrow and Maxine is going to come help. They also took the construction debris to throw in their church dumpster; the rest of the stuff we're going to dispose of by scheduling a Bulky Waste Pickup.

I think we finally pulled out the last of the ancient canned goods and found the winner. This is the oldest canned food we found: 1968. Doesn't appear you can read the label in the photo, unfortunately. I think it was applesauce. It wasn't too gross either.

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