Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fabric Binge

I got a delivery yesterday of another fabric order. Oops. The seller, Thousands of Bolts, was having an End of Bolt Sale last week and they just happened to catch me on a day when I was weak. They have some beautiful batiks and they usually cost about $6/yard. generally charges $7-$8, and they don't have as good a selection, in my opinion. And your local quilt store usually charges $10/yard. So, when I figured out I could get them for even less than $6/yard, I was too weak to resist. =)

Anyway, I got the shipment yesterday, and I'm really happy with the quality of the fabrics; they washed up really nice. They didn't fade or get ruined, like sometimes happens.

I spent several hours yesterday ironing fabric. I had several pieces of cotton leftover from my grandmother's fabric stash and I finally washed, ironed and folded them into stacks. I also began working on the new fabrics, once they made it out of the dryer. I've still got a few pieces left to process this morning.

Last night, Jeff and I sifted through the new batiks and I think we've changed the fabrics planned for his Fibonacci lap quilt. He just wasn't happy with the way the original fabrics looked together and this new order was a chance to rework the fabrics. Here is his new set of fabrics.

Besides processing fabric, I spent much of yesterday sewing little squares for the lightning quilt. I'm trying to get through that quilt before I move onto another project. Now that we have the fabrics for the Fibonacci quilt figured out, I'm eager to work on that one, but I'm trying to make myself finish the lightning quilt first... I'm hoping Jeff's lap quilt will be enough of a motivator to help me get through my current project.

I plan to continue work on the quilt today. Now that I've got a good supply of the little squares, I'm going to start building block components and try to make progress on making blocks. I need 49 total and I have only about a third of them done. Now I want to start building these blocks and see where I am. I don't want to cut too many pieces.

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  1. Preeeeeeeety! OK, now I have to open the box and photograph the new pile of things I got. Posting to come later today!