Friday, May 7, 2010

The Packing Has Begun!

We've started packing again! We've started in earnest with the SCA books. At this point, we're packing up boxes that are likely to go to long term storage. And this time we're itemizing the boxes as we pack them, so if we need to retrieve something we'll know which box to look in.

We're still debating about how much we're going to move in before we remodel the house. Originally, we were planning to remodel the house and then move in, but we've had a change of heart. With neither of us employed, we're concerned we might exhaust our savings without a job lined up. If we spend all this money remodeling, what will happen if neither of us finds a job? So, anyway, we decided to wait to start a major remodel until at least one of us finds a decent job.

Unfortunately, that means when we can finally start remodeling, we'll be living through the dust and chaos again....

We will, of course, start the do-it-yourselfer projects we have in mind, like scraping paint and working on the yard. I've already got my eye on an infrared paint stripper, but I'll wait until escrow closes before I order one!

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