Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Almost Over

We received our bid for foundation and pest repair work on the Multnomah house today. It totaled $13,160; combine that with the roof repair and we're talking close to $15,000. In an earlier addendum, we asked the sellers to reduce the price $15K and they informally came back with $5K. Today, based on the bid, we decided to instead ask for $10K off the price.

We figure we have good grounds, as the quote is from their own realtor's recommendation. We are tired of this house-buying process and it's just not worth digging in our heels and losing this house over a few thousand dollars.

It's up to the sellers now. If they accept, we're supposed to close on May 13. Unfortunately, I didn't have my school schedule with me when we picked the original close date (nor did we really expect to get this far) and we won't be going to Oregon for close. If this deal closes, I don't think we'll be heading up until I'm done with finals on May 26.

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