Sunday, March 20, 2011

University of Here

Because he's found many of the Portland Community College (PCC) classes were often not what he was hoping for, Jeff decided this next quarter he would plan and "take" some courses at home of his own devising. He has a number of landscape-related books he's been wanting to read for a while, but never had time because he was busy with work or classwork, so next quarter in addition to his one PCC course, he is also going to take two or three at-home classes. (This also has the benefit of saving us a bunch of tuition; the PCC courses, at about $250 each plus books, start to add up.)

Sharon decided to join him in her own University of Here class. Like Jeff, she wrote up a syllabus with a schedule and goals. Her class: Introduction to Arts & Crafts-Style Stenciling. During the quarter, she's going to read three of our stencil books, practice stenciling on paper, and practice stenciling on fabric. She's hoping to make a stenciled decorative pillow. Then, once she's done with that, she's going to advance to stenciling on the plaster walls.

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