Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kitchen & Baths GONE!

The backyard is a disaster. We're having a door installed out the rear of our basement into the backyard and they brought in a tractor to dig the hole. They also pulled our fence. Luckily Jeff hasn't spent a lot of time on the garden in the last few months, like he had originally planned.

The kitchen is gone. Tomorrow the chimney will go too. The prior owner had finished the small attached porch into a breakfast nook—with scrap wood from Montgomery Ward shipping crates and cardboard.

This is the ceiling and refrigerator space from the original kitchen space. Looks much better structurally.

The half-bath on the main floor. We'll be moving this wall over about 6"; the bathroom is too small.

The basement bathroom space. The foundation is a mess; all this piping was run through channels dug into the foundation. We'll have to fix this before we close it back up.

Tomorrow the chimney is removed and they do the final excavation for the basement door. The basement doors are probably being cut open on Monday.

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  1. That basement plumbing looks a bit like ours- had a plumber over to find out why the kitchen sink *would not* run, and I kept hearing "What the Sam Hill? WHAT the SAM HILL?" coming up from downstairs. The plumbing down there was spaghetti, twists and turns and even a place where water had to run uphill. Funny how yanking a bunch out and doing it up right improved the flow!

    (Now if we could only figure out how to decrease the amount of hair in the bathtub drain without shaving our heads...)