Monday, March 28, 2011

Choosing Exterior Colors

We're getting down to the wire and we're having to make our final selections for our remodel. Jeff is pretty insistent about wanting a yellow color scheme, so we're planning to finish the exterior house along these lines.We've got our stain color (the yellow on the right in this set) and roofing lined up...

...but we're still not quite sure which third color (for the gables) to choose yet. It's going to depend on what would look good on our specific house shape. This house has a lot of gables on the front.
Our kitchen designer also reminded us that we have to get Jeff's range ordered; production time is 10 weeks for custom colors. So, off we went the other day to try and match the soapstone slab. Jeff and Sharon don't exactly agree on the color, but it's Jeff's stove so he gets first choice. This is the color Jeff wants to go with.

Sharon is trying to delay the decision a few days while we continue to wait for our tile sample order from New England Art Tile. She's hoping the tile will resolve the impasse.

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